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aamra solutions limited primarily focuses on mission critical solution development and support in the financial services sector. Our portfolio covers a broad range of products that are tailored for specific customer needs and are ready for rapid deployment. ASL is currently partnered with Cisco® Systems Inc. as a Registered Developer producing world class software on Cisco routing and telecommunications platforms.

Key Management Solution

Keyman - our enterprise grade key management system takes advantage of industry standard hardware assisted security/encryption platform (HSM) from Thales
­® and delivers strong security and accountability for encryption key management for ATM and POS terminal deployment.

Middleware Solution for Financial Services Infrastructure

POSBridge is ASL's premiere product on Cisco Application Extension Platform®. It provides network transparent interoperability between wide range of ISO8583 capable terminal and host ends. It takes advantage of Cisco hardware with unmatched performance and scaling capability and delivers highly customizable message translation solution to keep your legacy solution operating without the hassle of costly migration. Our expertise also enables you to build proprietary extensions on top ISO8583 standard with help of POSBridge to add value to your applications.

ATM Client and Extension Development

ASL is venturing into ATM client development in order to closely match local customer demand and their unique deployment needs. Our ATM video surveillance solution, Vigilens, provides ATM transaction logging for a wide range of ATM software platforms including Diebold Agilis. It is tightly integrated with ATM client platform thus providing accurate and easily retrievable auditing information for prompt fraud and vandalism detection.

POS Terminal Customization and Smartcard solution

ASL brings you the cutting edge in smartcard operation by adding value to your credit/debit card solution with customized advanced features built into the chip and POS terminals. Our expertise in this field enables us to perform deep customization and calibration that are impossible without local market knowledge.

Issue Tracking System

ASL also developed an issue tracking system to improve customer service management and performance evaluation. With online and mobile/SMS capability of the system, both customers and service providers get up to the minute information service issues, resulting in transparency and accountability.


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